Monday, 4 March 2013

First Blog~Kobyilicious~puppy~ShihTzu name is Natalie, i'm 21 years old and i'm from Merseyside. I've decided to start writing my own blog, my own little space just somewhere were i can write about things. at first i didn't know what to blog about, but researched and decided to blog about things i'm into and things i like. i like fashion, skin care, hair care, accessories for my Iphone and thing for my Koby which ill tell you about in a moment.
i made then name for my blog myself, i'm into beauty &fashion and things and i call my puppy kobyilicious as a nick name, so i to combined beauty and ilicious together & got Beautilicious.

so now ill start with my blog, at first i didn't know what to do for my first blog, then i decided something that's very important to me and that i love very much & which i spend most of my time with and that's my 11 month old Shih Tzu Koby.... i absolutely love him.

I've had Koby since he was 8 weeks old, loved every minuet with him since hes my everything, i don't know what i would do with out him. we do pretty much everything together & he follows me around everywhere i go in the house. he loves being walked and loves play time. he had a little orange monkey which was his first toy which he has loved ever since. he stole it of my youngest sisters bed and has never let it go since but now its abit worst for wear & its head falling off & had no stuffing left inside.

hes like my little baby, hes sleeps on my bed with me, some people might not  like that but i do, he snuggles under the covers and puts his head on my pillow. he hates being to cold, he also snores quite load for a puppy but i i still love him all the same.

I'm always taking photos of him, i want to keep all the moments of him being a puppy as i know he want stay a puppy forever, i still remember the day i got him, 28th June 2012 the person i bought him off was dropping him off i sat in the window waiting for her to arrive then i seen the car pull up, i ran out side and she was taking something out the back i looked up & she had this tiny little fluffy thing in her arms i instantly fell in love with him.

i always remember are first trip to the beach together, he runs like a rabbit on sand haha, he was running around and rolling in the sand and started to dig a hole but was using his head as well as his paws to dig not sure why, so after he dug this hole he had sand up his nose and everywhere you couldn't even see his face when he digs holes in the garden he always comes in with a muddy face.

i also remember his first walk after his injections, we found a great spot to walk him but at first he wouldn't walk.. he would walk a couple of minuets and then give up so we had to pick him up and after a bit we would put him back down and so on but eventually he gradually loved walking and now loves his walks he loves socializing with another dogs & Koby is a friendly dog and playing chase with the neighborhood dogs, here's a few snaps of his first walk.

we bought him a personalized collar with his name on a little paw print & it had a little diamante bone hanging at the front but sadly its too small now I'm going to keep it as a little memory thing but at some point I'm going to purchase him another one.
well this is the end of my first blog..i think i'm going to carry on blogging as i enjoyed writing this one. i will be blogging about different things so keep look out. if you read this then thank you for taking your time to read it.
love Natalie xxx
p.s here's a few more snaps

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  1. How adorable! You certainly love your dogs, I have a west highland terrier and absolutely love her to pieces!